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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Insulted or Flattered

Over the past month, I have had several individuals request meetings to discuss "getting on" at the Health System.  These individuals are executives in industries that are unrelated to health care but want to transition into administration at WMHS.  I always meet individuals looking for career guidance and advice and, in this case, gave them sound career advice.  But, after these meetings, my first reaction was really; you sell XYZ product and you have a bachelor's degree in some unrelated field, but you think that you can just move right into the executive offices.  Renowned leadership and management expert and author Peter Drucker says that "health care is the most difficult, chaotic and complex industry to manage in today".  I assure you that Drucker’s quote is true. 

Drucker also said that the four most difficult jobs in America are President of the US, a university president, a hospital CEO and a pastor.  I am not sure that I agree with the hospital CEO part, especially as I look around at the phenomenal job that our staff at WMHS does every day in dealing with unbelievable challenges, many of which involve life and death decisions.  Tough job as a CEO, sure, but one of the four toughest, I don't think so.  Anyway, as I was smarting over the thought that these people feel that they can easily make such a transition into health care, my wife says, "Did you ever think that maybe you make what you do look so easy that others think that they can make such a transition?" Actually, I didn't but much prefer her way of thinking and I should be flattered.  Thanks, Pamela.

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