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Monday, November 12, 2012

A Lot Can Happen in Less Than a Week

We re-elected a President last week, Hurricane Sandy clean up continues, a respected General resigns in scandal, the deep division of our country and our government raised its ugly head immediately following the election and the call for tax increases and no compromise started early on Wednesday AM.  First the re-election, not my candidate, but still my President.  I don't think that the Senate Democrats got the mandate from the American people that they claim they have.  The election map of America reflects urban vs. pretty much the rest of the country.   The continued division isn't good for anyone; I just hope that as President Obama assesses his next term, he realizes that he must reach a compromise with Congress on the economy or we are destined to be left in a financial spiral with little chance for recovery.  Also, you may try to tax your way out this mess, but it will take more than that.  A comprehensive plan is needed with true leadership from the President, Senate President Reid and Speaker Boehner. 

Now onto General Petraeus. Wow, knock me over with a feather; I didn't see that one coming.  This guy has walked on water through his service to our country as a military leader and then as CIA Director.  You would think that he would have known better, but obviously he didn't.  The affair had been going on for some time and he ended it a few months ago.  Apparently, the only reason the affair came out was that the spawned lover was under the impression that another woman had taken her man away.  It was the other woman who reported the threatening emails to the FBI.  Quite honestly, it's pretty scary that someone could that easily influence the director of the CIA and no one knows about it within our government.  Reports are that the general and his mistress weren't even that discreet.  Really disconcerting.  I will blog about my thoughts on Hurricane Sandy tomorrow.  It's good to be back blogging after a brief hiatus.

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  1. Well said Mr Ronan
    with how close the votes were it is obvious that President Obama would have to look beyond partisan lines and work with the republicans for the better of the nation. I look foward to your thoughts on Gen Patraeus's actions, I wonder who would be responsible for keeping tabs on he who keeps tabs on the whole nation....

    Great blog, some of us hear love reading it.