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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Right to Work Legislation

Today, the Michigan legislature will vote on making that state the 24th to adopt right to work legislation.  Labor unions from across the country will converge on Michigan to challenge the law's passage.  What is interesting is that Michigan has an unemployment rate that is 9.1%, the sixth highest in the nation.  Over the last ten years, eight of the ten states that have the greatest personal income growth have right-to-work laws in place.  Such laws allow states to attract new employers and jobs.  The unions and even the President say that this is all about politics; actually, it's about freedom to choose.  If I want to join a union, I'll join a union, but I shouldn't be required to be a union member as is the case in 26 other states, including Maryland.  What I find interesting is that the President and Congressional representatives from Michigan who are opposed to the new legislation can find the time to weigh in on this issue, with even the President visiting Michigan yesterday.  Why not stay in DC and solve the Fiscal Cliff crisis facing our entire nation?

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