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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Taking the Pulse of Health Care CEOs

I read an article today in H&HN Daily based on a CEO Forum that was conducted  by Huron Healthcare.  The consensus was that something has to change and the fee for service model isn't going to last.  What was surprising is that there are still some CEOs who believe that the transformation which is occurring now will at some point pass and "the cash register will once again start ringing" based on increases volumes.  Really?  The US now spends almost $3 trillion on health care annually, and I thought everyone knew that was unsustainable.  Wow, there still are dinosaurs sitting in the C-Suites across the country.  Fortunately, the majority of CEOs are projecting optimism and working tirelessly and inspiring their staff on the positive aspects of health care reform.  From my perspective, the optimism is real and we are living it today.  There are aspects of the Affordable Care Act and health care reform that are working for our patients and staff.  Every day, we are working to build upon our successes to date.  Those CEOs who are waiting for reform to pass are in for a long wait; and, if their thinking doesn't change, their boards will make them extinct.

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