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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bridging the Gap Between Being a Present Leader and a Future Leader

In yesterday's issue of Chief Executive magazine, there is a wonderful article on how to drive high performance by moving away from focusing on short-term results and driving longer-term sustainable performance.  The challenges and demands that leaders face today are relentless, but by focusing on six dimensions of leadership health, one can form the foundation for great leadership going forward. The six dimensions are:
  1. Physician health provides the energy and stamina to keep pace with the change.  A work / personal life balance is needed and the leaders needs to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Emotional health enables leaders to understand their strengths and their weaknesses by tapping into the positive ones and jettisoning the negative ones.  As leaders, we need to understand what's important at any given time and apply our energy there.
  3. Intellectual health involves deep curiosity and mental awareness.  We need to innovate quickly to meet the demands of our fast changing, ever-complex work environments.
  4. Social health by being transparent, honest and values focused in our interactions is key.
  5. Vocational health is being that linchpin in your organization.  By being indispensable you can drive achievement and success in your professional life.
  6. Spiritual health allows you to be community focused and socially responsible.

If you are the picture of health by possessing what it takes in these six dimensions, you are well on your way to meeting the challenges facing today's as well as tomorrow's leaders.  Through leadership health you should be well prepared as a leader by allowing yourself to drive what you do and how you perform.

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