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Saturday, July 11, 2015

A Father’s Paranoia

Everyone is well aware of the shooting death of Kate Steinle in San Francisco on July 1.  If you aren’t, she was walking with her father on Pier 14 and was shot by a Mexican national who in the US illegally.  He had been deported back to Mexico on five separate occasions only to return each time.  He was arrested most recently and then released instead of being turned over to federal authorities by San Francisco authorities.  He had seven previous felony convictions but remained free to roam the streets of San Francisco, a self -described sanctuary city that in itself has become something well beyond what it was originally intended. 

Then earlier this week, I read about three murders in Baltimore the other evening adjacent to the University of Maryland Baltimore Campus where my daughter Lauren,\ is attending school in the evenings as she is completing her MBA. 

My heart is still breaking for Kate’s father.  I can’t fathom strolling leisurely with your daughter only to have her shot and die in your arms.  Then, to see the politicians and law enforcement officials blaming each other for Kate’s death.  Well, there is plenty of blame to go around, starting with not securing our southern border.  To have this felon be deported five previous times only to return each time is absurd.  Then to release him after yet another felony arrest without notifying federal authorities as should have been the case is inexcusable.  Some are clamoring about one more gun death; however, in this case, the weapon was stolen from a federal law enforcement officer’s car trunk; it’s not like it was purchased Lenny’s Guns and Ammo.  As for the Baltimore murders, the victims were shot, but there isn’t any word on the gun that was used. 

My point to all of this: As as a father of two daughters, I am appalled by senselessness of these crimes and how close they have hit home.  I can’t wait for Lauren to be finished with her program in late August and I pray to God each night that she has class in Baltimore that she is safe.  I am also thrilled that she has decided not to relocate to Baltimore.  What has happen to what had been a wonderful city is a disgrace.  I previously would go to Baltimore and never think about my or my family’s safety until this past spring.  Now, I avoid a visit to downtown and the surrounding areas at all cost. 

As for Kate Steinle, there needs to be a series of laws enacted to ensure that what has happened to Kate and her family NEVER happens to another family.  I have written my Senators and Congressman stating that much needs to be done to best serve the memory of Kate Steinle.  I hope that you will join me in writing about securing our southern border to keep felons from entering / re-entering our country, passing Kate’s law (an automatic 5-year sentence if a felon is deported but returns to the US), using the concept of what a sanctuary city is supposed to be and not what it’s become and tightening up the release process between law enforcement agencies and the courts as it relates to illegal immigrant felons to ensure that any release is well vetted and warranted.

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