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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Clinical Quality in Western Maryland

Last month, the three health system CEOs in the Trivergent Health Alliance asked Nancy Adams, SVP & COO / CNE at WMHS, to serve as chair of the newly created Clinical Quality Initiative for the Trivergent Health Alliance (THA).  Nancy will lead a team of her clinical counterparts from Meritus Health, Frederick Memorial and WMHS with a focus on clinical quality at the three health systems.
The Trivergent Health Alliance has experienced a great deal of success with our population health initiatives and the management services organization, and we would like to build upon those successes in the area of clinical quality.  This team consisting of a Chief Operating Officer, Chief Nursing Officers, Chief Medical Officers and a Chief Quality Officer will be examining areas like understanding the clinical capabilities and program offerings at each health system, identifying which programs could benefit the Alliance as a whole, focusing on best practices in areas such as patient experience, strengthening physician engagement across the Alliance, exploring which clinical resources that could be shared, linking clinical quality to the THA’s Supply Chain and Value Analysis approach and working to reduce variation in clinical care specialty areas.
The Clinical Quality Team began its work earlier this month.  In addition to reporting to the three CEOs, they will be accountable to the Trivergent Health Alliance Board of Directors.
We are hopeful that we can experience the same level of success with this initiative that we have with population health and the MSO.
On a side note, the Trivergent Health Alliance was featured in Hospitals magazine article last week on ways hospitals can collaborate without merging.  The link is below. 


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