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Friday, July 22, 2011

Jobs for Life

The other day, I read in USA Today that death is the primary threat to job security in the Federal Government. Last fiscal year, the Federal Government fired 0.55% of its employees while the private sector fires on average 3% of its workforce each year.  The Federal Government has many, many talented employees, but it also has marginal employees at best who are there for life.  They perform just enough to get by to keep their job. 

I am curious as to what the rate is in Maryland.  Based on what I have experienced in my 21 years in working with State of Maryland agencies and departments, there are many highly experienced and talented state employees.  However, there are also many who are worse than marginal but are politically connected. There are far too many "assistants to the assistants" created to satisfy political patronage in state employment.

Looking for places to reduce costs, I have a few suggestions:  Firing any employee is difficult; however, there are circumstances that warrant termination.  I have had employees who have been previously fired come back and thank me for that "wake up call."  Termination should never be taken lightly but the Federal Government could learn quite a bit from the private sector

To read the article as it appeared in USA Today, follow the link below:

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