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Friday, July 8, 2011

You've Been Selected

A few Sundays ago, a census worker showed up on our doorstep at home for a focused 2010 US Census Health Survey.  The survey lasted about two hours and was mandatory, after all, we were selected, like it was a great honor.  We were one of six families in Allegany County, Maryland to be selected.  Yep, you read it correctly, one of six out of a population of over 72,000 people.  Because of our chosen careers, my wife and I are fully covered for just about every illness imaginable and we have unlimited access to most any health care provider being in the field; fortunate for us, but not your typical family.  The census  worker was a nice enough guy, but I challenged him that the CEO of the local health system and his nurse wife and only a total of six families does not make a very representable sample.  I was given telephone numbers to call by the census worker to provide my input.  The quote, "falling on deaf ears", came to mind so why bother.   And the Federal Government says that health care is screwed up.

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