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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A True Statesman

Last evening I had the privilege to hear former Senator George Mitchell, who was a federal judge, Senate Majority Leader, mediator of the 800-year conflict in Northern Ireland and, most recently, special envoy for the Israeli Palestinian conflict.  Wow, what a true leader and statesman.  He spoke of his time as the Senate Majority Leader and his excellent working relationship with Presidents and Republicans, especially Bob Dole, who was the Senate Minority Leader.  He calls Bob Dole a great friend to this day.  His mentor in the Senate was former Majority Leader Howard Baker, a Republican from Tennessee. This is what is needed in Washington today.  He made decisions based on what was best for the country and compromise was the order of the day.  He wasn't focused on polarization of the parties with a focus on winning or maintaining control of the Senate, the House and the Presidency.  Senator Reid, Speaker Boehner and President Obama could take a page out of Senator Mitchell's book on leadership and statesmanship.

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