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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Why is your staff so good?

Recently, I had a board member ask why is your staff so good?  I asked, "so good at what?"  He replied, "at everything."   As a recent patient, he was blown away with the care and compassion demonstrated by everyone.  Quite honestly, many of the staff didn't know who he was since he has moved out of the community since retirement, but continues to serve as a board member.  The clinical experience was exceptional as was the approach to service excellence. I told him that what he experienced is our expectation of how every patient should be treated and cared for.  We strive for service excellence in every interaction with patients, their families and each other.  I went on to tell him that it starts with our core values and our service excellence standards in which every employee must embrace.  New employees are told at Orientation that if you can't adhere to our service excellence standards, not to waste their time or ours by beginning to work here.  If current employees can't support our service excellence standards that are reviewed annually during sessions where every employee must attend and agree in writing to adhere to each standard, then we will work with them on their transition from WMHS.  Our approach and commitment to service excellence are taken very seriously.  Is everyone fully engaged?  No, but if they are not, they will eventually reveal themselves.  Then if they can't get onboard, separation is in their future.

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