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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Top Ten Priorities for Hospitals

Health Leaders magazine just released the 2012 CEO Survey results as to the priorities for hospitals and health systems around the country for the next three years.  The list is as follows:
1) Payment Reform
2) Patient Satisfaction
3) Cost Reduction
4) Quality and Safety
5) Physician Hospital Alignment
6) Clinical Information Technology
7) Leadership and Organizational Development
8) Regulatory Issues (Stark Laws, HIPAA, Anti-trust, etc.)
9) Revenue Cycle
10) Capital Dollars

How does the list of priorities stack up against the WMHS?  Our list would be very similar, but there would be a few minor changes.

1) Quality and Safety (the safe delivery of care to the patient has to be our first priority)
2) Payment Reform (success working under a new payment methodology is critical)
3) Patient Satisfaction (again, patient centered is key to our continued success)
4) Cost Reduction (we have to reduce cost, improve quality and focus on the health of our population--with better quality you get reduced cost)
5) Revenue Cycle (no margin, no mission)
6) Leadership and OD (critical thinking skills have to be instilled in all of our leaders and especially our bedside clinicians and staff)
7) Clinical Information Technology (not as much a priority because it is well in hand by our CIO and his team)
8) Physician Hospital Alignment (the 12 physician members of the President's Clinical Quality Council are helping greatly in this area)
9)Regulatory Issues (our compliance officer ensures that we are always compliant with laws & regulations)
10) Capital Dollars (a great deal of emphasis on fundraising, planning and best use of limited dollars)
The order may change over the next three years but these are our key issues today and going forward.

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