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Monday, July 16, 2012

A Culture of Criticism

I read an article this AM that got me to thinking.  The article was written by a physician about the culture in hospitals.  Overall, we are doing well at WMHS.  We have successfully blended the various cultures of Memorial and Sacred Heart Hospitals since we have moved into the new hospital.  But, there is an aspect that can be improved upon and it is how we feel about and treat each other.  Don't get me wrong, when push comes to shove, our folks respond exceptionally.  In life and death and other challenging situations, teamwork abounds.  However, in our everyday work life, we aren't as respectful of each other as we should be.  We perform wonderfully with patients and their families (we have the satisfaction scores to prove it); we just need to work on how not to generalize about the other guy.  None of us can successfully exist without the other.  The surgeon needs the internist, the physician needs the nurse and we have to rely on Materials Management, Finance, Registration, Medical Records, IT, Food Services, Environmental Services and the list goes on.  Being respectful of each other is one of our Core Values and is a Service Excellence standard.  Exercising and demonstrating respect toward one another will simply put us over the top in bringing our culture to where it needs to be.

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