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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Running When It's Hot and You're Old is CRAZY

Actually, even when you're young you should use your head when it's hot and you decide to go for a run.  However, I can't get over as to how dumb, yes, dumb, people can be.  Last week, I was on vacation.  I am sitting at the beach midafternoon (not running on the beach) pretty much people watching.  I was amazed at the number of people who were in their 60's and yes, even 70's, running on the beach with a temperature of over 100 and a heat index of about 107 degrees.  There was one guy whom I thought was rehearsing for a movie role as he ran, actually more like staggered, past me.  It was like he had just been shot and was attempting to get away from his assailant.  He was in his seventies, a big guy who was, again, more staggering than running, but grasping for every breath like it was his last.  Yet, he continued on with his run.  One would think that if you are going to run that you would choose a time that is at least cooler like early morning or late evening, not midafternoon.  Also, having a bottle of water is a good idea, but not this guy.  The closest thing that he had to water was the adjacent ocean or the sweat drenched shirt that he was wearing.  The "old" (dumb) guy was clearly putting his life in danger whether he knew it or not.

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