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Thursday, October 11, 2012


Now how cool is this?  The movie, "Argo" starring Ben Affleck that opens on Friday is about a CIA operative named Tony Mendez.  Everyone at WMHS who has walked by the beautiful work of art of the Potomac River vista in the Cancer Center hallway should recognize the name since that work's artist is Tony Mendez.  They are one in the same.  Ben plays Tony in the movie, and it is based on a true story.  Tony was recognized years ago for his service to his country as a CIA operative for many years and for his work in Iran, receiving the highest award given by the CIA, the Intelligence Star.  More recently, much of his work has since been declassified since the receipt of the Intelligence Star became public.  He has written two books and the "Argo" story was in one of the books.  WMHS is the proud owner of three of Tony's paintings; the others are in the Chapel and in the former Peds area.  In addition to being a famous CIA operative, Tony is a wonderful artist.  I have had the pleasure of visiting his western Maryland studio and to see his work, as well as the work of his wife, also a former CIA operative and now photographer, and his son Toby, who is a gifted sculptor.  In fact, his son's sculpted the statues at Camden Yards.  Congratulations, Tony, on your service to our country and your success as an artist.

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