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Friday, October 5, 2012

The Meningitis Scare Hits Close to Home in Two Ways

Yesterday, my family had quite a scare with a college student niece who had a fever, stiff neck and sore throat for the last two days.  She finally called home and my sister-in-law rushed to the college, located about an hour and half away, and took her directly to the local hospital's ED.  "Fortunately" it was diagnosed as pneumonia after a chest x-ray so no spinal tap was required.  However, too many college-aged kids lose their lives because of meningitis these days by simply ignoring the symptoms or the inconvenience to the parent's busy schedule.  Thank God, my family acted accordingly. 

Then, we hear of the meningitis outbreak nationwide as a result of a fungus in steroid injectables.  The health system began receiving calls from patients this morning since six facilities in Maryland have been identified as receiving products from the New England Compounding Center.  WMHS has never had any products from that Center and we have since notified the media, as well as inquiring patients, as such.  What a devastating outcome for those who were infected with the fungus.

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