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Thursday, August 29, 2013

NYTimes Article - Continued

It is amazing as to the response that I have received to the NY Times article, "Lessons in Maryland for Costs at Hospitals," which appeared in yesterday's print edition.  I guess placement helped since it was on the cover above the fold of the NY Times Business Section.  Lots of people have reached out since yesterday to congratulate us on such recognition.  I also have received follow up contact from consultants on how they can take us to the next level.  Really? 

We have done a great job of getting to this point on our own, along with some help from our friends.  The Collaborative of the ten hospitals under Total Patient Revenue has been great, with each of us going to school, if you will, on each other.  We have learned so much related to best practices from each TPR hospital and have worked to incorporate them into our organizations.  That effort continues very successfully. 

I have also received a lot of compliments on the notoriety that such a positive story brings to our region.  What I have found surprising is that the local newspaper has been silent on the story.  In fact, I have had folks ask to be copied on what the local press writes about the NY Times article and the very positive aspects of such a story on our area.  But, nothing.  With the many articles that they publish off of the wire from around the country, you would think that they would pick up a story about how innovative their local health system has become and that what we have done should serve as a model for the rest of the country.  I guess we could shop the story to them, but then what would I have to complain about.

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