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Monday, April 21, 2014

Creating a Culture of Quality

There is an interesting article in the April 2014 of Harvard Business
Review on Creating a Culture of Quality.  The article covers the four
essentials of quality which are leadership emphasis; message credibility;
peer involvement and employee ownership.

Leadership Emphasis - Managers are told that quality is a leadership
priority; they walk the talk on quality and when they evaluate employees,
they emphasize quality.

Message Credibility - Messages are delivered by respected sources in the
organization.  They are consistent and easy to understand.  The messages
have to appeal to them personally.

Peer Involvement - Most employees have a strong network of peers for
guidance; they routinely raise quality as a topic for team discussion and
peers hold each other accountable.

Employee Ownership - Workers clearly understand how quality fits with the
job; workers are empowered to make quality decisions and are comfortable
raising concerns about quality.

After reviewing the above and applying it WMHS, I need to re-examine our
emphasis on quality.  These four essentials exist, but not to the extent
that they are emphasized in the article.  I need to ensure that our
leadership is emphasizing quality with their employees and creating a

true culture of quality.

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