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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

That Was An Interesting First

I am currently attending a governance education meeting out of town with five board members.  At one of the breakout sessions on Sunday (The Total Cost of Health Care), the speaker was talking about value based care delivery being on the horizon for all US hospitals.  At the beginning of his presentation, he actually asked the attendees if they would be converting to value based care delivery at some point in the future or not.  I was surprised to see a number of hands that went up when asked if they were not.  (Are they in for a rude awakening?)

During his presentation, the speaker provided a few examples of some health systems around the country that are dabbling in value based care.  None of the examples were remotely close to what we are doing in Maryland.

After the session, I went up and introduced myself and explained what was going on in Maryland with value based care delivery.  I also relayed the experiences at WMHS over the last four years.  He was very impressed and asked if he could come and visit me in western Maryland. I said, "certainly".

This same speaker was then presenting the next morning to several hundred attendees at the General Session.  In the middle of his presentation, he asked where the attendees from Maryland were in the audience.  I, along with the five board members stood up.  He then started asking me questions about our care delivery model which led to me providing a detailed overview of Total Patient Revenue and value based care delivery to the audience.

The round of applause at the end of my overview was very nice.  There were a number of attendees who reached out after the presentation asking me for more information.  It was also interesting to be in different locations around the hotel yesterday afternoon hearing attendees talking about our model of care delivery at WMHS; some admiring the initiative that we took four years ago and others expressing a great deal of skepticism as to whether it would work in their hospital.  Interesting.

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