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Friday, December 5, 2014

The Ongoing Disrespect of Left Handers

Today, I read about a Harvard University Economics professor who recently disclosed the results of his recent study in the Journal of Economic Perspectives.  He found that left-handed individuals from the US and the United Kingdom as making less money than right- handed individuals, both male and female; they are less talented; they perform more manual labor jobs; they do worse on cognitive skills tests; they have more emotional and behavioral problems; more learning disabilities and they complete less schooling.  

The last time that I looked, four of the last seven US presidents were left handed, along with Babe Ruth, Larry Bird, Arnold Palmer, John McEnroe, Jimmy Conners, Ivan Lendl, Fred Astaire, WC Fields, Cary Grant, Paul McCartney, Bill Gates, John McCain, Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Julius Caesar, Joan of Arc, Charlemagne, many kings and queens of England and France, Jimi Hendrix, Phil Collins, Benjamin Franklin, Sir Isaac Newton, Marie Curie, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci,  Mark Twain, HG Wells, Henry Ford, Buzz Aldrin and me.  What a bunch of bunk! 

One in eight is left handed.  In addition to the above list, I know some pretty great people who are left handed, including my mother.  In my early years of Catholic School, one of the nuns tried to change me from writing left handed to writing right handed.  I came home and told my mother about the switch.  That was the end of that!  The next day, my mother was in my classroom and when the nun told her that left handers were known to be possessed by the devil, that's when the fun started.  Needless to say, I am still left handed and that nun didn't like me very much for the rest of the year but feared the wrath of my mother so, it all worked out.  


  1. Mr Ronan
    You forgot to metion President Obama.
    I think he's a lefty, too.
    Anonymous in West Virginia

  2. sorry, you did mention "4 of the last 7 US presidents..."