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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Care Zones

Our Care Coordination team came up with a very cool way to educate patients as to their disease state.  For COPD, CHF, renal failure, diabetes and pneumonia, patients now have a much easier way to gauge the status of their illness.  

I have attached a sample related to managing pneumonia.  For example, if you have easy breathing, no fever and no cough, you are in the Green Zone.  If you have thickening phlegm, increased coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath or slight fever, you are in the Yellow Zone and should call your doctor.  If you are really short of breath, your skin color is blue or gray, you have unrelieved chest pain or an increased heartbeat, you are in the Red Zone and should call 911 immediately.  

These Care Zones are a great education and reference tool to be used in our nursing homes, physician offices, clinics, our Center for Clinical Resources and Home Care.  Great job by our staff in always exploring creative ways to better educate our patients as to their varying conditions and trying to enhance awareness related to their specific illness.

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