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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Mea Culpa on My Care Zones Blog of November 10

Yesterday's blog opened with recognizing Care Coordination for their creative work on the newly created Care Zones.  I knew when I wrote it that a whole lot of other people were involved with their creation and application.  I used Care Coordination as a place saver, but failed to go back and add the many others who were involved until my drive in this AM.  I confessed to my error at Triple Aim Coordinating Council this morning.  

However, I still needed to sincerely apologize to Pam Ackerman and her Home Care team, who started using the Care Zone concept in the care of their patients years ago, Helen Morris and Suzie Layton who converted the concept to patient education and so many others who were involved in bringing the Care Zones to fruition.  Again, great job everyone.  The Care Zones are going to have a profound impact on our patients and community.

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