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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Political Correctness is Out of Control

Since the weekend, there has been a collection of news stories that make, at least,  me wonder what the hell is happening to our country.  First, there was the 9-year-old boy who called his teacher "cute" and was suspended for two days for improper conduct.  Really?  I would have been home schooled from about the second grade because of teacher crushes and I was taught by nuns until the seventh grade.  Then there was the high school quarterback in Massachusetts who was penalized for lifting his fist in the air (excessive celebration and taunting) as he ran for a touchdown, costing his team a state championship.   The rules are the rules, but come on.  He didn't turn around and taunt the defenders; he's a kid who got excited on his birthday, no less, and he would have won the game with that touchdown.  And now, I just read that a high school in NJ censored all HOLIDAY music for a young children's program removing any reference to God, Jesus, Santa, Christmas and Hanukah.  What's left?  Thank God (or that non gender supreme deity who is everywhere) for snow and reindeer or are they too closely related to Christmas and soon to be banned in Jersey?  Where has common sense gone? My father used to say the world is nuts and he has been dead for over 22 years.  What would he be saying today?

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