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Friday, December 16, 2011

Transparency and Quality

This week, I had a briefing from one of our three internal fellows and her mentor on her six-month internal fellowship project, Transparency and Quality.  The project, which started in September, began as Transparency in Quality.  It became evident shortly into the project that both clearly have lives of their own.  Work is needed in both attaining the results as well as reporting the results.  Much work has been occurring on the attainment of quality, and now the reporting of our results is in our sights.   Our goal is to be transparent in our reporting of quality at WMHS by July 1, 2012.  Good or bad, we will publish our quality data internally and externally.  Currently, we are very limited in what we publish, but our quality data is out there for all to see, if you can find it.  The objective is to make us better.   We saw such improvement when we began publishing patient satisfaction data for all to see.  Our scores reached levels never attained at WMHS previously.  Our goal is to have best in class tools for reporting quality to our employees, our physicians, our board, our patients and our community.  The work done to date in both areas is thorough, comprehensive and most importantly, will increase accountability and ownership.  Currently, everyone's in charge of quality through the committee process resulting in no one being in charge or accountable, other than me and our Performance Improvement staff.  Our approach to quality and transparency will be a big step in getting better by sharing.  I am pleased with the progress that our internal fellow has made to date and look forward to the project's completion this spring.  More to follow.

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