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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Highly Valued Human Resource

In the most recent issue of Harvard Business Review, I read an article about selection and on boarding primarily of employees.  The article was about the CEO of the Gilt Group, Kevin Ryan, and how he approaches hiring.  Actually, the article and the description of his approach to selection were both interesting and refreshing.  He describes his role in the process and that he is heavily involved in the hiring of virtually every employee.  He highly values the all employees and feels that they are critical to the success of any organization. 

The refreshing part is his approach to the reference.  He says that most managers place too much emphasis on the resume and interview and much less value on the reference.  He will provide any information to another organization that is hiring one of his employees, past or current.  In turn, he expects the same.  He pressures any former employer listed on a perspective employee's resume as well as a reference for an accurate portrayal of an individual.  He also digs deep in a person's background and finds references who will speak candidly about a candidate.  He feels that the days of acknowledging simply whether or not an individual worked at an organization along with their employment dates are over.   We all need to "man up," if you will, and provide an accurate account of an individual's tenure at our place of employment.  We no longer have the luxury of making poor hiring decisions for our organization.  In this day and age, there is far too much at stake.

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