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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Unlimited Vacation Time

Joe Reynolds is the owner of an event production company called Red Frog.  He provides a unique benefit to his employees, unlimited vacation days.  He says it treats employees like adults; it reduces cost by not tracking vacation days and it's a great recruitment tool.  Joe claims that it's not abused.  I have trouble believing Joe's claims.  I can't imagine providing such a benefit in this day and age within real businesses, and I don't consider myself a dinosaur.  I know that this benefit sounds very Generation Y-like, but I just think of the abuse that is currently out there related to the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).  Many employees could serve as experts in how to game the FMLA system and the abuse (all within the law) doesn't go over very well with their responsible co-workers.  I can't imagine unlimited vacation days with this group; their employers would never see them.  Maybe the unlimited vacation days’ concept is a great idea for boutique startups, but not real employers.  By the way, everyone at Joe's "company" gets to pick their titles, as well.  That's a lot of CEOs.

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