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Monday, February 20, 2012

People Don't Sue Doctors That They Like

There is a new book out entitled, "Personality Not Included” by Rohit Bhargava.  In his book he writes that people don't sue doctors that they like.  That statement got my attention since I had a conversation with a friend yesterday who was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer.  He has decided to have the prostrate removed surgically, the old fashion way, no robotic surgery for him.  He thoroughly researched it and decided that there are too many complications with the robotic surgery versus the traditional approach.  He has narrowed the choice of surgeons down to two.  One is the best in the city where he lives, but plain and simply put, the guy is an ass.  The second isn't as experienced, but highly recommended and a nice guy.  I got to thinking how easy it is to be nice to people and how you get so much in return.  I have dealt with many doctors in my career and once you are out of the major tertiary care setting, i.e. academic medical centers, large well known urban hospitals, etc., your chances of finding a personable one are far greater.  Don't get me wrong, there are still asses in rural health systems, doctors and others, but the numbers are far less.  Also, it is true; you have a far greater chance of not being sued if you are honest and personable.  So, you would think that more doctors, as well as the rest of us, would come to realize that and conduct ourselves more appropriately with whom we come in contact both professionally and personally.

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