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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Platform for Success

I have been asked by a student business and finance group at Frostburg State University to speak this evening about myself (which is always challenging), my educational background, and my career progression.  I have also been asked to focus on the factors that have led to my success and what I look for in perspective employee.  So here goes; the following is the Ronan Platform for Success:

1) Make Yourself Indispensable in Your Job
2) Surround Yourself with the Best Talent Available
3) Dress to the Next Level in the Organization
4) Treat People Like You Would Like to be Treated
5) Work Like You Mean It
6) Give Back to Your Community
7) Learn From Your Failures
8) Be a Visionary or At Least Creative
9) Network, Network, Network
10) Thank, Recognize and Reward People
11) Be a Mentor
12) Laugh, Have Fun and Enjoy What You Do

Remember, I have been in health care for 38 years so, some of these may not apply for everyone, but they have benefitted me over the years.

For example, I still wear a suit and tie each day.  Dressing down for me is a sport coat and tie.  I think that the CEO of any organization should dress the part and that is an expectation of me by many in my organization.  I realize that business casual is the more appropriate business attire today; that's fine for many in the organization, just not me.

I am looking forward to tonight's program, especially listening to the two other CEOs on the panel and interacting with the students and faculty.

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