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Friday, March 8, 2013

Telecommuting: Good or Bad?

In February, Marissa Mayer, the relatively new CEO for Yahoo, issued a change in company policy that there would be no more telecommuting.(If my mother is still reading my blog, that means working from home.)  First of all, I am not a big fan of working from home.  I understand that there are many professions that do it and do it well.  We have a few at WMHS and it seems to work.  You need to have the appropriate oversight and metrics in place to ensure that the work is being accomplished thoroughly and in a timely manner.  In Ms. Mayer's case, it is certainly her prerogative as the CEO to make such a change.  She wants to turnaround a somewhat distressed company and is taking the necessary steps to do so.  Through the boldness of her action, everyone, both in and out of the Web-based industry, is talking about Yahoo.  Also, her board gave her a $1 million bonus last week, so they must be pleased with the actions that she has taken to date.  She joined Yahoo in July 2012, so she obviously had time to study the telecommuting component of her company and found that those employees were not being as productive as they could have been if they were coming to the office each day.  I applaud her for her actions.  The workplace culture at Yahoo was in need of some obvious re-alignment and she took the necessary steps to jumpstart that process.  Could she have handled the matter better?  Probably.  But, these are desperate times requiring desperate measures, especially for Web-based companies.

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