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Monday, May 12, 2014

How to Judge One's Character

A friend shared a recent Rick Reilly article.  Rick was a long time Sports Illustrated writer who a few years ago went over to the dark side, ESPN.  He now writes for ESPN and continues to do a great job.  Last week's article was written with the pending NFL Draft coming up.  Rick's article was "How to Judge One's Character.” He wrote that this time of the year you hear from NFL general managers, "is he a character guy?”  He writes that GMs do so much to determine if a potential draftee has character and yet all that they need to do is to find out how generously they tip. I have attached the article and it is worth the read.  

I agree with Rick Reilly that this is a great way to judge one's character.  I also judge one's character on how they treat the wait staff in a restaurant.  If they are rude, abrupt, ungrateful or demanding, that says a lot about them and I have not hired individuals, not engaged consultants and even ended friendships as a result of how they treat a server, a host / hostess or a bartender.  I live by the motto, treat people as you would like to be treated; and so far, that has worked for me.


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