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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Private Conversations Are Now A Thing Of The Past

First and foremost, I am not condoning the vile, racist comments made by LA Clippers owner, Donald Sterling.  In my opinion, what he said warranted his banishment from the NBA.  I think that it was Oprah Winfrey who said it best when she said "he has a slave owner mentality" and he does.  He has made hundreds of millions of dollars in a sports business where the commodity is professional basketball players, of which close to 90% of the players are African American.  It is hard to imagine being a racist and owning a professional basketball franchise.  

With all of that said, what is also alarming and will now become a trend is the the recording of what are thought to be private conversations.  Certainly, there are laws that cover such acts; however, the revenge or shock value will win out in each instance.  We are heading for a slippery slope as the smartphone is pressed into service beyond its videotaping capabilities, those instant messages and unexpected photographs.  Simply placing what appears to be an idle smartphone on a table and recording private conversations which are meant to be just that, private, will become a trend in an instant.  Maybe it's time to start having guests to your home check their smartphones at the door.

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