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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Security in the Emergency Department

Yesterday, consultants from Pinkerton were at WMHS for the report out from their April engagement to assess the security of our ED.  I recognize the vulnerability that exists for our staff while they are at work and I want to make sure that we afford them as much protection as possible.  

Some of the recommendations from Pinkerton included: increased installation of panic alarms for the registration and triage areas; improved lighting outside the ED; better control of visitors (limit to two); add a visitor pass system; add a dedicated security officer in the ED who remains in the ED; add additional cameras in the ED; improve signage for entry to the ED after hours; place large planters outside the ED to better protect treatment rooms with an outside wall from vehicles and better control of the four Forensic / Behavioral Health ED treatment rooms.  

After the discussion, some additional actions that will be taken ASAP include: personal panic alarms for every ED employee; name badges changed to include only the employee's first name and title and increase the use armed law enforcement officers assigned to the ED.  

The study verified a lot of what we already knew and was also complimentary of the security measures that were included when the department was first planned and designed.  It is my intention to create the safest environment for our ED staff in which to work.

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