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Friday, June 20, 2014

We Could Do Better

The other evening, I dropped Pamela off to get in line at the movie theater while I parked the car.  The line was pretty long and the 18 commercials, 12 previews and six "turn off your cell phone" reminders were about to begin prior to the movie starting.  As I met her in line, there was a young man two or three couples ahead of us.  He and his girlfriend or wife were at the ticket window and he asked if there was a discount for members of the active military and was told no by the  two 17-year-olds working the ticket window.  Here, this young man, who was still active military, had two prosthetic legs; one would safely assume that if he is still active duty, he lost his legs defending our country.  

Ever since that episode, I have been kicking myself for not reacting faster and paying their way into the movie as a grateful American for the sacrifice that he has made for me, my family and this country.  It was a great lesson for me and I can tell you that should a similar situation occur in the future, I will be ready.  There should also be a standard policy for every business of some kind of discount for active duty military.  What these individuals and their families go through for all of us is amazing and we should better demonstrate how grateful we are as a nation.

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