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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Flat Tax

Earlier this week, I wrote about the CEO initiative to stop funding political campaigns until the gridlock in Congress stops.  We need another initiative in this country and that is to entirely revamp the tax code.  I read that the IRS adds over 1000 new regulations per month.  You would think that with the employment of CPAs for life through such regulatory morass, that they would embrace the comprehensiveness of such regulation, but they don't.  The CPAs are tired of just as we are.  Talk about a government that is out of control.   We need to have everyone paying their fair share, including corporations like GE that make billions and pay no taxes and the 47 million Americans who don't any pay taxes.  Too few in the middle and upper middle classes carry the burden for everyone and it needs to change. 

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  1. Absolutely Correct only the middle and upper middle class carry the burden of Taxation.