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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Extraordinary Bosses

Yesterday, I read a great article in Inc. magazine, "8 Core Beliefs of Extraordinary Bosses" by Geoffrey James.  Geoffrey writes that the best managers have a very different understanding of team dynamics, the workplace and the company.  What are the 8 core beliefs, you ask?
·         First, business is an ecosystem not a battlefield.
·         Secondly, a company is a community not a machine. 
·         Third, management is service not control.
·         Fourth, my employees are my peers, not my children. 
·         Fifth, motivation comes from vision not fear. 
·         Sixth, change equals growth, not pain. 
·         Seventh, technology offers power not automation.
·         Lastly, work should be fun, not mere toil.
Wow, what an article.  It is amazing as to how timely this article is, especially at WMHS.  We have so much going on as we change the delivery of health care in our community, and this article needs to be mandatory reading for all of our leaders.  The particulars of the individual core beliefs are worth expanding upon, especially how they relate to WMHS and I will do so in subsequent blogs.

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