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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Focusing on What is Important to You

Recently, I wrote about a productivity suggestion from a social media start-up CEO who focuses on three things each day and nothing more.  I was critical of her approach in that it wasn't realistic, especially for a CEO.  I was reminded of that recommendation this morning when I read an article in the May issue of "Success" magazine about highlighting the top three things that matter most today. 

The article, "Take Control of Your Day," was written by Mel Robbins.  Mel tells us not to check our smartphones or iPads as soon as we wake up.  She suggests that we first do a "brain dump" by listing all of your projects, to-do items, reminders, thoughts from the night onto a single piece of paper. (This is where I might be in trouble as I may need a legal size pad of paper, there's a lot swirling thru this mind throughout the night.)  She then suggests that you highlight what three things on the list are most important to you for that day.   Next, she suggests that you open your calendar and find a 30-minute block of time in your day to focus on your top three things.  She writes, "Find the time and schedule it."

The bottom line is that you find time for yourself and what is important to you versus what others want you to do.  You set the tone for the day rather than it being set for you.  I think that it may be worth a try.  After all, according to Mel, 80% of smartphone users sleep with their cellphones.  Really?  Unless you are someone who has abandoned a landline telephone and use your smartphone as your sole means of telephonic communication, give your smartphone a rest.

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