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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

We All Make Mistakes, But........

My mother used to say, "You made your bed, now you have to lie in it."  I guess that is what Bobby Petrino's wife and Ken Melani's wife are saying to their respective husbands, most likely soon to be ex- husbands.  You see both of these men thought because of their extremely important positions that they were above everyone and everything else.  First, they needed to act their ages.  Both are fifty-something, Bobby is 51 and Ken is 58 and were having extra marital affairs with twenty-something women. 

Bobby Petrino was, up until yesterday, the Head Football Coach at Arkansas.  He was in a motorcycle accident and forgot to tell everyone that his mistress was riding on the back when the accident happened.  So he lied to his wife and four children, his boss and everyone else.  It was then reported that his mistress was also his employee and he gave her a $20K gift (can we presume from the University's coffers?). 

As for Ken, he was the CEO at Highmark Blue Cross in PA--a physician and brilliant leader who pulled off some amazing things at Highmark.  Unfortunately, he hired this young woman last October and three weeks later began an affair that was the worst kept secret at Highmark.  His wife found out and he left his wife.  He then moved in with his mistress after Ken's wife called the mistress's husband to let him know of the affair.  Then the relationship began to crumble.  Ken hired a private investigator to check on the "love of his life;" she found out and went ballistic.  She went to her husband's house to commiserate and lo and behold, Ken shows up and lets himself in.  He is told to leave more than once by the husband and refuses.  They get into a fight and subsequently Ken is charged with assault and trespassing.  Ken is overheard by the police on the scene saying that if the police didn't show up when they did, he would have killed both of them. 

Now, Ken and Bobby are surprised that they were fired.  Really?  They gave the Highmark Board and the AD at Arkansas no choice.  Hey boys, you are held to a much higher standard whether you know it or like it.  As leaders, you are expected to be above all of this.  People count on you every day to lead, guide and mentor them.  When you fall, you fall hard.  It is a unfortunate that the careers of these men may never recover from these very shameful acts, but hopefully others will learn from their big time missteps.

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