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Friday, August 17, 2012

Giving Sage Advice

The other day my wife said to me that I am now of the age where I need to be providing more advice and guidance to others.  She said as someone of your age and with your experience, you need to go beyond your daughters and reach out to those who would benefit the most from what you have gleaned over these many years.  It just so happened that yesterday I received a call from a friend and business associate.  We dealt with the business issue and he then said, "I've had it with my (relatively new)boss, he's crazy and wants to control everything and everyone".  He went on to tell me that he has made the decision to leave his position, but felt that he would have to resign before he could look for another opportunity (preferably consulting) as it just wouldn't be right.  I suggested that he not resign, but consider networking with the various consultants with whom he has worked over the last thirty years.  I told him that he has a lot to offer and since he does not want to retire, he should call them up and let them know that he is looking to make a change and gauge their interest.  I know that many of them would jump at the opportunity to hire this guy.  In addition, he has given so much to his current employer over the last three decades and making contact while still serving your current employer is perfectly acceptable.  I have always felt that it far better to begin seeking a new opportunity while currently employed as long as you don't take unfair advantage of your current employer.  He was most appreciative of the advice and boost in self-esteem; he actually seemed energized as we ended the call.  So, once again, Pamela was right; it really felt good being able to help someone who was in need of my "sage" advice.

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