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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pit Bulls Residing in Maryland

If you are a pit bull owner who rents a home or apartment in Maryland, you may be forced to choose between your dog or your residence, at least until the next legislative session in 2013.  The Maryland Court of Appeals ruled that pit bulls and any related type of dog are considered a dangerous breed of dog and any owner whose dog bites a person is liable for those injuries.  The Court also ruled that any landlord who rents to a pit bull owner is liable.  During the special legislative session, the Senate voted to apply the law to all breeds of dogs and to not hold the landlord liable.  The House Judiciary Committee said no way.  They felt that they needed more time to study the issue and that such a law would drive up insurance rates for all dog owners.  It really makes you wonder as I blogged last week as to why the Senate took up this particular issue as part of the special legislative session.  Although I don't agree that we needed a special session to approve table gaming as well as additional gambling locations, that is a big enough issue to warrant a special session.  Dog bite legislation?  One would surmise that someone in a Senate leadership position has got to be a landlord of some significance.

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  1. I reside at 461 N Waverly Terrace, and my friend, who has received medical treatment, was bitten by a pit bull on N. Waverly Terrace on Friday August 31, 2012 and had to receive many (7) shots for his treatment.

    This dog has been running loose and has bitten another man my friend just happened to meet at the E.R. the night of his treatment.

    This dog is a nuisance, a danger, and I will be documneting these events as well as making a full report with animal cntrol tomorrow, Tuesday, September 4, 2012 as reccomended by the dispatcher at the police station.

    To be aware: this dog is a brindle looking smaller size pit bull on Notrh Waverly terrace and is attacking pedestrians as they walk by, in the day and the night hours.

    This dog is not kept secure and does not have a collar, and my friend has had to endure painful rabies shots.

    I hope the community reads ths post and is aware of this dofg so no one else is bitten until the dog is detained!

    I am an animal lover myself, but have no patience with a dog that menaces the local comunitty and visciously bites our citizens.

    Thanks for your wonderfully informative and honest blog Mr. Ronan.