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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Nobody Asked Me, But........

Regarding this week's badminton "scandal" at the Olympics, it is really hard to blame the coaches of the Chinese, Indonesian and South Korean teams for their actions based on the competition format.  Providing an advantage to lose really needs to be re-examined going forward by the Olympics Committee.  I realize that it's despicable to reach the Olympics and not make every effort to win, but the focus is on winning a medal and there is a lot at stake for the Olympians to be successful.  I am not sure that winning a gold medal in badminton is that big of a deal, but one never knows what goes on in some of these countries.  It has been interesting reading the varying opinions on the "scandal”; I just hope that those in charge get it right.  Badminton players and coaches need to be careful; they could find themselves as an eliminated sport like baseball and softball.  Oh, that's right - those are sports that the Americans dominated over the years and that's why they were eliminated.  Badminton is a more global sport, as boring as it may be.

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