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Thursday, September 12, 2013

All's Not So Rosy in Maryland

Two stories caught my attention this week regarding living in Maryland.  First, Governor Rick Perry from Texas is running ads this weekend in the suburban DC area inviting Marylanders to relocate to Texas.  His message is directed at businesses and individuals who are fed up with the billions in new taxes that have been added over the last six years.  In his ad, he says that Texas has added more jobs throughout this recession than all of the other 49 states combined.  That's pretty remarkable, if it's true.

The other story is the intention of the guy from Carroll County who wants the five most western counties in Maryland to secede from the state.  He is tired of the high taxes; not having representational government as a Republican since the Governor and the majorities in the House and Senate are all Democrats; the focus of state leadership being concentrated on Baltimore City, Prince Georges County and Montgomery County; and lastly, the anti-business mentality.  Most are valid points and I hope that such initiatives get the attention of the politicians in Maryland that the state is more than three regions.  I recognize that's where the majority of the votes are but they have a responsibility to the residents / voters of the entire state. I am not moving to Texas nor do I support forming West Maryland, so my hope is that the citizen leadership in western Maryland continues to work with elected officials across the state to foster a greater fondness for this part of the state.

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