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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

This week, I received a Thanksgiving message, gift and invitation from Senator Ben Cardin.  The invitation was to contribute to his re-election campaign.   Hello, we are in Maryland, where Democrats outnumber Republicans 5 to 1 and you are a seated Senator who is very well liked, even by me, a Republican.  It also doesn't hurt that you are a Pitt alum, just as I am.  But, you need money, why?

Anyway, the gift was a Thanksgiving recipe for the Cardin Family Sweet Potato Casserole.  So, that gift got me to thinking.  I am going to share with you a recipe for Thanksgiving turkey leftovers and my daughter's favorite meal.  Enjoy!

Turkey Devonshire

Leftover Turkey
Toasted Bread
Cheese Sauce*  (any basic cheese sauce recipe will do)

1. Fry / microwave / bake bacon (two strips for each serving)
2. Toast bread (one piece per serving)
3. Place cold turkey slices and cooked bacon on toast
4. Pour cheese sauce on top
5. Place in the broiler for about two minutes* (Be careful, the plate should be placed on a trivet or heat resistant surface as it is hot coming out of the broiler and served immediately)

Simple and easy.  The above recipe takes about 30 minutes total from start to finish. 

Heat up the rest of the leftovers, add cranberry sauce and serve.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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