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Friday, November 4, 2011

NOLA, Part 2

I had the opportunity to see New Orleans by daylight.  Bourbon Street does so much better under the cover of darkness.  During the day, looks especially seedy.  Not very attractive women with piercings and tattoos dressed in a bikini top and a G-string trying to lure you into the too numerous to count Gentlemen's Clubs.  It doesn't matter that you are with your wife, she can come too!  Yeh, right.  Royal Street was a nice surprise with the very many antique shops with some amazing inventory. The food continues to be excellent.  We ate in Arnauld's last evening and what looks like a 1 star restaurant during the day is transformed into a 5 star restaurant at night. 
I mentioned yesterday my first experience with a beignet which is unique to NOLA.  If you haven't had one, it's fried dough drenched in powdered sugar (photo below). 

My visit to New Orleans ends tomorrow morning and I would probably return.  I won't stay at the Marriott in the French Quarter.  Very poor service orientation.  It's hard to imagine that Ritz Carlton with the highest level of service orientation of any hotel chain is owned by Marriott.  I have a suggestion for Bill Marriott, why don't you have the Marriott hotel managers attend the same Service Excellence program that WMHS attended conducted by the Ritz Carlton?


  1. Barry, try the beignets at a place in Hilton Head called Kenny B's. Anita and I love that place. The owners seem like good people and the food is good.

  2. Being a frequent visitor to Hilton Head, I will certainly visit Kenny B's. Thanks.