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Friday, November 25, 2011

Where Have Our Leaders Gone, Part 2

As a continuation from Wednesday, now for the rest of the story.  The crisis in Washington is an abject failure of leadership, starting with the President.  For the President, the Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader to in one continuous motion to throw up their hands and then begin pointing fingers at each other is a disgrace and an embarrassment.  These are our leaders, who have been elected to do what is best for our country and our citizens, not what is best for them to get re-elected.  To entrench themselves in absolute positions with no compromise puts this country in dire straits. 

We have a $15 trillion dollar deficit with Republicans not budging on tax revenues and the Democrats still wanting to spend dollars that don't exist on social programs while touting their support of the "Occupy Everywhere" demonstrators. All of this is going on while the President runs for re-election, with his concept of leadership being the generator of political attack soundbites is mind-boggling.  All of these so-called leaders need to be replaced with individuals who are dedicated to addressing this crisis and returning our country to a position of economic stability.  As for the Super Committee, reconstitute it with members of the House and Senate who are not running for re-election and see what happens.  A lack of leadership, in this case, is crippling a country.

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