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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Smoke Free Campus

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit another health system that is a smoke free campus.  I got out of the car and starting walking to the entrance and noticed two patients or visitors quickly extinguish their cigarettes and two employees waiting for the parking shuttle do the same thing.  I guess that I looked important enough for them to think that I was going to ask them to put their cigarettes out.  So much for a smoke free campus.  But, then again who am I to judge.  I see a lot less folks smoking on our campus at WMHS and never an employee,  but I am sure that we have our offenders, especially those who attempt to hide while they smoke.

Unfortunately, its just outside my office window in my direct line of sight.  In fact, today as I was driving to a meeting outside of the hospital.  I drove alongside a guy who was walking down the driveway next to my office smoking.  I didn't have the heart to tell him to put his cigarette out.  You see, he was walking in the pouring rain without an umbrella and I said to myself, buddy, if you need a smoke that bad, have at it.  The bottom line is so far so good at WMHS, but there is still work to be done.  We seem to be doing better than at least one other smoke free health system.

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