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Saturday, August 20, 2011

An Apology

I just learned that yesterday's posting didn't occur due to a glitch. This was my first missed blog. Sorry.

So, on a more personal note since it is Saturday, I accompanied my wife to three movies in the last week. All chick flicks, two of which, I thought, were of the romantic comedy variety. First was Crazy Stupid Love with Steve Carey. It was funny and had a decent storyline. It was entertaining and I enjoyed it. Next was The Help and it was excellent, but not a romantic comedy. According to my wife who read the book, it was great and the movie tracked closely to the book. I am still amazed that anyone could treat people like "The Help" were treated and that was happening in the 60's. Growing up in the 60's, I guess I lead a sheltered life. Now for the last movie and probably the last that I will see for a while. I, or should I say, we were under the impression that "One Day" was a love story and if you watched any previews thought that it was on the order of a romantic comedy. Well, it isn't. It was well done, but what a downer. I go to the movies to be entertained not to be put in a depressive state. After all, I am in health care where there is little good news based on attacks from just about every side, every day. When I go to the movies I want to leave feeling good, that sure as hell wasn't the case yesterday. So, husbands beware: do your homework before your wife calls and says, "can you you seek out early to go to a movie".

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