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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


As each day goes by, I grow more tired of email solicitations for webinars.  The webinar is a great concept, especially as a means of training and developing staff without spending a fortune on air travel and hotels. Unfortunately, what I have found is that they are the quickest way for attorneys and consultants to enhance or preserve their revenue stream.  I receive no less than twenty solicitations a day and those are the ones that get through the spam filter.   With each solicitation, I also wonder if the quality of webinars has gotten any better.  

I still embrace the concept; however, every one that I have participated in so far wasn't worth my time.  During webinars, I would sit in a conference room or board room with members of my team and we would look at each other in utter amazement that we had paid money for this wealth of "knowledge" that we already possessed.  In fact, in a number of instances we could have done a better job of presenting the webinar.  I am waiting for attorneys and consultants to pay me to attend webinars as they hawk their products and services.  Webinars have reinforced the adage that hiring a consultant is like giving your watch to someone for them to tell you the time and then charging you for that privilege.

Don't get me wrong, I value the knowledge, expertise and guidance provided by attorneys and consultants throughout my career as I have learned a great deal.  However, they need to take that same value and incorporate it into their webinars.

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