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Friday, August 26, 2011

The Science of Mushrooms and Golf Balls

The other day I read Paul Levy's blog on the Eastern MA Mushroom Crop that reminded me of a mushroom story of my own.  Last Sunday, I played 18 holes of golf.  Prior to this year, I would golf, poorly, a few to a handful of times each year.  It wasn't until this year, after my wife took up the game last August, that I am now playing a couple of times a week.  I am really enjoying it now that I have gotten much more serious about the game.  I have been taking lessons from a great instructor and my game has improved dramatically.  Up until this year, I had never broken 100, which by the way is the average score for US golfers.  I am now consistently shooting in the nineties from a low of 92 to a high of 99.  

Wow, talk about digression; back to the mushrooms.  With the hot steamy weather that we have been having in western Maryland, I have never seen so many mushrooms.  They are now growing in the fairways, in the rough, on the fringe of the greens, everywhere at the local country club.  It's not tough enough to find my ball a lot of times, but now it is virtually impossible.  As you drive down the fairway, when I am lucky enough to hit it there, it looks like a driving range.  Amazingly, most of the mushrooms are the size of golf balls.  I wonder if there is something to the science of the size of golf course mushrooms being the size of golf balls at least at my golf course. Let me know if you think that I am onto something.

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