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Monday, March 12, 2012

Celebrity Apprentice

I don't usually watch any of the Apprentice TV shows as I am not a fan of Donald Trump.  He is obviously very successful, but at what cost and by what means?  I lean more toward the servant leader and not the top-down driven, win-at-all-cost, egotistical, condescending leader who enjoys be referred to as "the Donald."

As last night's episode came on, I decided to stay and watch it with Pamela, who is a fan of Celebrity Apprentice.  This version of Apprentice is where individuals of notoriety, actors, comedians, singers and models compete against each other to benefit a pre-selected charity. In this episode, the men's team led by comedian, Adam Corolla, lost.  You get to bring two members of your team back to the boardroom to face the Donald, his "chip off the old block" son and his equally spoiled daughter, who both for having all of that money appear to be the unhappiest people alive.  At this point in the show, one of the three is fired.  Being the project manager, Adam took full responsibility for the loss and decided not to bring anyone back to the boardroom to be fired.  Not good enough for the Donald; he had fired two people for that episode, Adam and Michael Andretti.  Michael got fired because the Donald said at the beginning of the show that he should be the team leader and the team decided to go with Adam.  The Donald's show, his rules. 

Quite honestly, I was very impressed with Adam's decision.  He took the responsibility for the loss as any good leader should.  Normally there is finger pointing among the team members, including the project manager, blaming everyone but themselves. I have come to realize that the show is extremely beneficial, especially for any leaders who may be tuning in.  The benefit is to watch the show and do pretty much the opposite of what the Donald dictates and demands.  I have come to realize that he is more of a shameless self-promoter and an entertainer, than a leader.

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  1. Nice read! I’m also not a fan of “The Donald,” but I am somewhat of a fan of this show (well starting from last year). I like to see the celebrities duke it out in each challenge and in the end whose charity takes home the money. It’s definitely for a good cause, so that’s always nice. I’m surprised to hear that both men were eliminated, especially since I thought Adam would go pretty far, but good for him for sticking to his word and taking the blame on his loss. I have not yet seen this episode, but I do plan on checking it out very soon on Dish Online (my TV provider Dish’s online video portal). The last couple episodes are on there free for all, so after I get off work from Dish tomorrow, my friend and I will probably check this installment out. Thanks for the read, I enjoyed it! :)