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Friday, March 16, 2012

The Need for More Servant Leaders

Yesterday, I wrote about servant leadership and how I like to think that I am a servant leader.  Today, I want to blog about the need for more servant leaders, especially within the Western Maryland Health System.  Last August, we conducted an employee engagement survey.  For the most part, the results were good and, in some cases very good, but not great.  We have had teams of people focused on identifying ways to bring improvement to those areas where we didn't score as well as we should have.  This week, we had a findings and recommendations report from the five teams.  Overall, the reports were good and the recommendations were solid.  But, when you hear about leaders not following the Service Excellence Standards, lacking the skills to effectively handle conflicts, playing favorites and leaders being unapproachable, it is alarming.  Yikes, in this day and age to have leaders described as not leading by example, ignoring our Service Excellence Standards, not rounding, holding department meetings or daily huddles, it is time for a "come to Jesus meeting" as one of my previous bosses would say to me.  We are in the process of planning our quarterly leadership conference for all WMHS leaders and you can bet that the keystone address will be on servant leadership.

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